Supply Chain Transformation

Process Excellence
Digital Transformation

Strategic Design

SC Planning, Integrated Business Planning

Agility, Reliability, Robust

KPIs & Process Improvement

-Organisation Design

People Development

Mentoring / Coaching

- Planning Systems

- Control Towers

- Optimisation




- What-If / Scenario Planning

Most processes can be significantly improved and transformed to deliver step-change improvements in performance and reduction in cost.

Process Transformation can mobilise the organisation into a structured and systematic improvements, which can quickly deliver savings and improvements. 

Revising SC Design is vitally important given the fast changing and dynamic situation due to the pandemic.

Extensive experience and track record of developing and running transformation programs across Planning, Logistics, Customer Service, Import/Export on a local, regional, and global basis. Delivered savings of over 500 M$ through a global Process Excellence transformation.

The current opportunities for Digital Transformation are fantastic for most businesses, but also overwhelming.  

Navigating the mass of options and through all the hype, and avoiding being at the bleeding edge of new technology is vital. Projects can be expensive, and are far from assured to be successful.

People are at the core of every successful supply chain. Putting into place the right people and organisation is fundamental to all changes and improvements.

Reviewing the organisation, the people challenges, and the competencies at all levels is of key importance for any transformation.

A people transformation plan needs to be put in place together with any transformation of systems or processes.